Author's Purpose Brain Boosters!

Perfect for elementary teachers looking to extend students’ thinking about P.I.E.

If you want to. . .


  • Level-up your author’s purpose unit!
  • Incorporate kinesthetic activities into your author’s purpose unit.
  • Boost critical thinking skills which in turn increase standardized test scores.
  • Encourage deeper thinking BEYOND PIE!
  • Save time with LOW PREP learning activities.
  • Address a range of learning styles during literacy block.

. . . then these author’s purpose Brain Boosters are for you!

Here’s What’s Inside. . .

Debate Cards Brain Booster

Encourage respectful dialogues to broaden students’ perspectives.

Find the Author's Purpose Brain Booster

6 author’s purpose reading passages (fiction + nonfiction).

Author's Purpose Task Cards Brain Booster

3 sets of author’s purpose task cards. Key included.

Author's Purpose Word Sorts Brain Booster

Classify and justify a range of text genres.

5 Mini Anchor Charts Brain Boosters

Provide visual reminders to deepen schema.

6 Writing Prompts Brain Boosters

Challenge learners to write for a particular purpose.

Scenario Cards Brain Boosters

Match scenarios with appropriate author’s purpose.

Scavenger Hunt Brain Booster

Hunt around the school to find, analyze, and record various types of texts.


Suggested Lesson Plan

Follow practical ideas for using the Brain Booster activities.

Beyond P.I.E. Bookmarks

7 bookmarks with synonyms for persuade, inform, entertain.

Get Your Drama On!

Reach all learning styles with this fun script!

Test their Understanding

Test retention using various question levels.

State testing sometimes trip kids up when words other than persuade, entertain, and inform are used. These Brain Boosters get students to analyze what an author is trying to get them to think or do and are a welcome complement to my author’s purpose lessons.

Carrie W.

3rd Grade Teacher, Texas

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Grab these Author’s Purpose Brain Boosters and watch your students’ thinking move beyond P.I.E!


For which grade level are these Brain Boosters?

These author’s purpose activities are best for grades 2-4 ~ mature 2nd graders up to beginning-of-the-year 4th graders.

Is there a return policy?

Because this is an instant digital download, there’s no issue of a refund. I’m confident, however, that these interactive activities will deliver a great value to you!

How will I access my digital download?

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Author's Purpose Brain Boosters!

No more struggling to find resources that challenge students’ thinking about author’s purpose.

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