Tackle the BTLPT Writing Section Like a champ!

Weeks from Now, You'll Be Celebrating!

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

You’ve previously been unsuccessful with the BTLPT, and your writing score is the main area that prevented you from passing.


You’re anxious about taking the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test because you’ve heard about its challenges.

You’re freaking out about only having 70 minutes to complete all 3 writing tasks. How in the world can you fit them all in and do well? 

What if you could...

Discover the exact techniques you need to implement for each writing task in order to score well?


Get your hands on a treasure-trove of quality BTLPT writing samples, rated and evaluated by successful BTLPT test-takers?


BTLPT BluEprint Online course

Uncover the specific secrets that successful test-takers use to score well on the written expression part of the exam.

Evaluate & compare 9 BTLPT writing samples against rated pieces. 

Strategize your writing practice sessions using our step-by-step guide. 

Access a BONUS library of extra resources, prompts, tips, and tools that support your efforts in each section!


Here's what you'll get...

  • 7 Self-Paced Lesson Modules
  • Action Guide Workbook (Hard Copy & Fillable PDF Versions)
  • 3 Memo/Letter/Email BTLPT Writing Samples (with Score Analysis)
  • 3 Lesson Plan Writing Pieces (with Score Analysis)
  • 3 Opinion/Position Essay BTLPT Writing Samples (with Score Analysis)
  • 9 Additional BTLPT Writing Prompts for Practice Use (3 per task)
  • 800+ Education Terms ~ Math/Literacy/Science/S.S. ~ K-5 Bilingual Glossary (PDF)
  • Step-By-Step & Specific Strategies to ROCK the BTLPT Writing Section
  • INSTANT and IMMEDIATE access to the entire course


Reading & Listening Tips cheat sheet

We believe that you'll best improve your reading and listening receptive skills via repeated exposure. That's why we share our hot list of online authentic Spanish materials. It's a must-have!

129 Essential Words/Phrases

Take your Spanish writing skills up a notch the smart way. Master a significant handful of these carefully-selected, education-related terms. Then sprinkle them strategically within your writing tasks. You'll definitely want this handy list!

Oral Expression Practice Prompts

Hone your Spanish speaking skills and accuracy with our original, education-based oral expression prompts. You'll receive 2 oral expression prompts per speaking task for a total of 8!

"I love this online course! Not only did I get to see a ton of well-written, original writing samples in BTLPT format, the bonus resources for reading, listening, and speaking definitely gave me the little something extra I needed to do well. And I passed!"
5th Grade Teacher

Instant Access to the BTLPT Writing Online Course!

Score High on the Written Expression & Conquer the Other 3 Sections, Too!

This is for you if...

  • You want to eliminate your anxiety over the written expression component of the BTLPT.
  • You'd like direct guidance and specific strategies to tackle each writing task.
  • You have great study habits and will put forth the time needed to prepare for this exam.
  • You wouldn't mind a cheat sheet of specific resources and tips for conquering the other 3 sections of the BTLPT.

This is not for you if...

  • You're super-confident in your ability to score well on all 3 writing tasks and don't need the extra support.
  • You're not willing to put in sufficient time and effort before your test date to study well.
  • Your Spanish writing is significantly weak ~ you've never written Spanish formally a day in your life!
  • You don't see the value in investing in your bilingual teaching career.
"Finding good quality BTLPT materials is a challenge. I like that this online course was created by individuals who actually took the exam. The written expression materials and tips are great. Spanish writing was one of my weak areas. Great investment!"
ACP Candidate

Hey, I'm Miss.

I’ve been right where you are~ anxious about the BTLPT exam.

After two attempts, I was finally successful with the BTLPT exam, and now my mission is to help you do the same. 

After completing this online course, you’ll have the mindset, skills, resources, and strategies you need to conquer the BTLPT written expression + more like a champ!

I’m here to support you all the way! You’ve got this!

Let's Conquer the written expression + More!

Minimize your anxiety about the BTLPT exam. Let’s triumph together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, you’ll get INSTANT, 120-day access to the entire course. Within that time frame, you’re able to self-pace in order to complete the lessons.

Nope!  Access course materials via any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone) with Internet connection. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view PDF materials. 

Though this course concentrates on the BTLPT written expression section, there is a BONUS lesson module dedicated specifically to the other 3 sections of the exam. 

We take the utmost care with the information that you provide to us when placing an order on our website (or through any other means).

We host our courses through the online platform Podia. Podia partners with Stripe and PayPal to process payments. Stripe is well-regarded as the best payment processor and is used by top companies like Kickstarter, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. 

All transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected, and credit cards are encrypted. 


The course includes 7 self-paced modules. The time it takes to finish all lessons depends on how much attention you devote to your individual study routine.

We offer a 48-hour refund policy. Requests after 48 hours of purchase will not be granted. We guarantee a full refund only if your access to the lessons/downloaded materials is less than 10% of the total lessons within Modules 1 through 7, combined. 

If it is determined that you have shared login information with individuals with the intent of sharing with others who don’t have permission to access the course, the refund policy is null and void, even if less than 10% of the lessons/downloaded materials has been accessed and/or you made your purchase within 48 hours. 

Additionally, a refund subsequently renders null and void the 1 to 1, customized coaching session. 

By purchasing the BTLPT online course, you’re acknowledging that you agree to these terms. 

This course works if you do, but we cannot and do not guarantee your success. Your consistent hard work, study habits, discipline, and Spanish language proficiency levels have more of a direct effect on your BTLPT performance. 

However, if you give yourself sufficient time before your test date to thoroughly review the course materials and practice with the strategies within this online course, you’ll be well prepared to do your best, especially with the written expression section.

Investing in your bilingual teaching career is essential for moving forward professionally. Set yourself up for success! 

Along with 7 lesson modules, you’ll receive amazing bonuses plus weekly support at no additional charge. 

After purchase, you’ll have access to the course materials via the Podia online platform. You’ll be provided with a link to enter the program via email. 

Defeat the BTLPT Writing Section!

Invest in your bilingual career because a classroom full of eager kids awaits you!

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