How to Whitelist an Email

To whitelist an email means to make sure it’s delivered to your inbox instead of sent to the Spam or Promotions folder.

Depending on your email service, here’s how to make that happen…


For starters, find the email from the contact person you’re trying to whitelist, which in this case is

Click on it.

On the right, look for three vertical dots, and click on that dot icon.

After clicking, you should get a dropdown menu. Select the option to “Add to your contacts list.

That’s it!


If you’re using an old version of Yahoo, go to your contacts by clicking on the “Contacts” tab. If using the new version of Yahoo, click the contact’s square profile icon which can be located beside the three lines on the far right.

This icon is placed below your name in the top right and alongside the Yahoo calendar icon. Your contacts list should be open now.

Click “New Contact” located at the top left. Add the email address you want whitelisted which is

That’s it!


Open your AOL Address Book, or click the “Contacts” link in AOL mail. Select “New”. Input the email ( you’d like to whitelist as “Email 1” in the contact sheet.

Click “Create”, and you’re set!

If the email you want to whitelist is currently in the Spam folder, click to select “Not Spam”. This option appears at the top.

Now add this email to your contacts list. Anything in your contacts list is whitelisted.


Outlook whitelists using a “Safe Senders” list.

To access the “Safe Senders” list, go to the Tools menu in Outlook. Next, click “Options.” From all of the tab option, go to “Preferences” and then “Junk E-mail”.

From the Junk E-email, you’re presented with more tabs. Click on the tab, “Safe Senders”.  

To whitelist your contact, click “Add”. Enter the email address you want whitelisted in the “Add Address” section (

Afterwards, click “OK”.



After logging into your Comcast email account, go to your inbox.  Click on the “Address Book” tab. Now click “New Contact”.

Enter the email address you’d like to whitelist (, and click “Save”.

That email address is now whitelisted to your Comcast account.


If you need help with any of this, simply shoot me an email!


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